AER's Standby Statement of Expectations for energy businesses now in effect in South Australia

The Australian Energy Rettailer's standby Statement of Expectations of energy businesses (the three standby principles) is now in effect for residential and small business energy customers in South Australia. We expect energy businesses to apply the standby principles while the current stay-at-home orders are in place, and for a period of tw...

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The Case for Change for the Diploma of Financial Counselling

The Financial Counselling Case for Change has gone to public consultation. It is available on the SkillsIQ website until 5pm Thursday 22 July. To see the document FCA sent to SkillsIQ,and on which the SkillsIQ consultation is based (and is partly reproduced by them in Appendix F) please click here. Below is information from Fiona Guthrie: ...

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Jennifer Florey

"As a young single parent, I struggled financially and did not know of any services to help me out of that situation. I had around five items through Radio Rentals, all necessities including items I had to replace that were stolen, which kept me in poverty. I did love my Radio Rentals Gold Card if only I knew what that really was." ...

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End date for AER Statement of Expectations of energy businesses and next steps

The AER's Statement of Expectations of energy businesses (the Statement) has been in effect since March 2020, outlining how we expect retailers to support consumers experiencing payment difficulties. Our expectations reflected the widespread and unprecedented impacts of COVID-19 and the subsequent need for supports beyond those contained wit...

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A note from Consumer Action Law Centre

We have heard that there is a possibility that the Government could seek to 'split' the NCCP Amendment (Supporting Economic Recovery) Bill 2020 so as to remove schedule 1 relating to repealing the responsible lending framework, but retain the other schedules relating to small amount credit contracts (SACCs), consumer leases and other m...

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