New financial counselling authorisation documents

Written on the 14 April 2020 by SAFCA

Hi SAFCA Members

We have two very important sets of documents to assist you in these difficult times. They have been sent to your managers so they do know about them.

Third Party Authorisations

FCA has been working with the ABA, EDR schemes and telcos to develop an agreed and simplified financial counselling agency authorisation form. We are very happy that we have finally reached agreement on this form and can now send it out to financial counsellors and agency managers.

About the authorisation

We are hoping that this form will be widely accepted and used by the sector as it has been agreed to by many of the major creditors and having a form that is consistently used will look more professional and be more likely to be accepted, making things easier for everyone. This new form has a field for agencies to add their logo and can be signed electronically, making it easier to use with remote servicing and the simpler format will make it easier to explain over the phone and understand.

The Letter to Financial Counsellors explains the process.

Also attached are:

The letters explain how it works and why, but please let Rita Battaglin know if you have any questions about any of this.

The new forms will be loaded to the toolkit today.

Rita Battaglin General Manager Projects

Rita's Mobile: 0403 220 777 FCA Office: 0402 923 750

The Financial Counselling in the COVID -19 document

This has been sent to you in previous newsletters over the past two weeks, but just in case you missed it, here it is again, along with the authorisation set of documents. Please note that this document will be updated on the Toolkit website as needed, so always check there. It has a wealth of information about interacting with banks etc in these strange times.

Weekly newsletters of current information

And note, we are sending you out one or two newsletters a week as a way of gathering together all the industry information we are receiving. This is so we are not bombarding you with emails. So these newsletters are a little different to our monthly newsletters they are updates on info to assist you in your work.

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