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Monday 3rd August - 11am EST

Financial Counselling Australia is very pleased to be able to present a 90-minute Zoom session featuring expert presentations from the National Tax Clinic Program and the Tax Institute. The training will assume familiarity with basic tax terminology and processes, focus on advanced tax issues and strategies for dealing with the ATO, and facilitate interactive discussion and the sharing of case studies.

Please refer attached flyer for further information and how to register.

Specifically, the training will address:

  • how an individual may become liable for the tax debts of a company
  • how to assist a client with many years' of unfiled returns and/or BASs
  • how tax debts are treated in bankruptcy and insolvency
  • how to help a client with no or insufficient financial records
  • when the ATO will waive a tax debt
  • the role and powers of the Tax Ombudsman
  • how the National Tax Clinic Program can assist financial counsellors' clients



Good Shepherd Microfinance

Free Financial Coaching Training Coaching for Money Wellness - Various dates in July and August




Upcoming topics which will be available in August include

  • Tax Clinic presented by FCA
  • Mortgage Stress and the impacts when a couple separates;
  • The Credit code including credit cards, Buy Now Pay Later, and other new products to look out for.

Dates and times will be published in the next few weeks..

Online Training - New listings on this document include:

Thriving Communities Partnership

The TCP Connect Webinars create the opportunity for all members of the TCP community to come together to learn, share and connect with one another as we all strive towards ensuring that everyone in Australia has fair access to the modern essential services they need to thrive in Australia.

This document is updated regularly and contains approximately 80 CPD opportunities.

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