Become a Member of SAFCA

Enjoy the benefits of membership and representation by your South Australian sector peak body for financial counsellors.

SAFCA is a professional organisation committed to advancing the rights of low-income people in South Australia and the Northern Territory, and to providing strong representation for members.

National Standards of Membership

These national standards have been agreed by the eight State and Territory financial counselling associations. They set out the minimum standards for membership and accreditation of financial counsellors in Australia.

SAFCA introduced the new standards in the new membership year commencing July 1 2015.

You can read the National Standards document below:

What can you expect from your SAFCA membership?

Some of the benefits include:

  • Opportunities to participate in Professional Development
  • Develop your skill base
  • Attend our annual SAFCA Conference
  • Many opportunities for Networks
  • Being part of a professional peak body committed to advancing the rights of low-income people in South Australia and the Northern Territory
  • Flexibility to join the State Association of the state in which you are working.

Granting SAFCA Membership

Membership of SAFCA may be granted to those who:

  • Agree to support the Purposes of the Association
  • Comply with any other rules or by-laws of the Association
  • Carry out their work with no conflict of interest and who comply with the Australian Financial Counselling Code of Ethical Practice

Current Categories of Member

There are 3 levels of SAFCA membership:

  • Full (accredited) Member
  • Associate member
  • Affiliate member
To find out more about the 3 levels of membership and which one applies to you, please refer to the National Standards of Membership (above) or contact us at or tel 08 8337 0898 and a staff member will be happy to assist you.

Membership Fees for 2019 / 20

Full, Associate and Affiliate members who are in paid employment:

$160 (inc GST)

Full, Associate and Affiliate members who are not in paid employment (ie volunteers, non-working students, and unemployed:

$85 (inc GST)

SA Membership Application Form

NT Membership Application Form


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