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The completion of the Diploma of Financial Counselling is the first step in becoming a Financial Counsellor.

The Diploma is a nationally accredited course available through a number of Registered Training Organisations that deliver in South Australia. 

Please read below for information and contact details for these courses.


Diploma of Financial Counselling (CHC51115)

This qualification provides you with the skills and knowledge to be able to deliver a specialist service within the community services sector. They will work with a variety of people faced with debt and other financial issues. This qualification will provide you with specialist knowledge, paralegal skills and competencies focusing on credit and debt issues affecting clients and their rights and obligations. It provides a solid understanding of social and systemic issues that impact on financial counselling clients.

The Diploma of Financial counselling 14 core units plus 3 electives. We teach the financial units and the counselling units in clusters. We offer a blended delivery method of online and face to face learning, along with recognition for prior learning and credit transfer for eligible students. Each student will undergo individual course counselling to establish training needs. This blended delivery model has strong connections to industry professional requirements and current resources.

Work Placement An industry placement is required. This ensures first-hand experience in the sector making students more jobs ready. Depending on your experience, you may be required to do a placement of up to 220 hours.

Our delivery model can be adapted to suit group training needs for your requirements as the financial unit and the counselling are delivered separately.

VET Student Loans

TAFE SA is an approved provider under the VET Student Loans scheme which assists eligible students with tuition fees. For more information please go to www.education.gov.au/vet-student-loans

Work Ready: Subsidised Training

This course is subsidised through the Government of South Australia's Work Ready initiative. To access subsidised training through Work Ready, your suitability to complete the qualification will be assessed. This may include participation in a Language, Literacy and Numeracy www.skills.sa.gov.au/training-learning/check-your-eligibility

Duration Students will have up to two years to complete the Diploma.

Credit Transfer

Studying at TAFE SA is one of the easiest pathways towards a University Degree. Credit Transfer is the formal recognition that parts of a TAFE SA course are equivalent in content and level to parts of some University courses.

How to Apply

Applications are made online through SATAC. Applications are free.

Applicants can make one application for up to three course preferences.

For SA application please apply via the TAFESA website: www.tafesa.edu.au

Start your SATAC online application by clicking an 'Apply Now' button.

TAFE Contacts

Christine Heusler - Lecturer / Co-coordinator

John Morris - Lecturer

Jude Rogers - Lecturer

Australian Institute of Social Relations

CHC51115 Diploma of Financial Counselling


This qualification reflects the role of financial counsellors working in a variety of agencies that meet the requirements for the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) exemption from a financial services or credit licence under ASIC class order 10/1063. Financial counsellors work across a variety of metropolitan, rural and remote settings.

All financial counsellors have specialist knowledge of legal remedies and options to manage debt and financial difficulty and are advocates who work in a model of social justice and client empowerment.

This qualification is NOT related to the work performed by financial planners or financial advisers whose role is to provide clients with strategies to address their investment options and require a financial services licence for their work under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2010. This qualification is also not appropriate for financial capability workers.

This qualification does NOT refer to therapeutic counselling. Psychological issues, which affect individuals, families and groups such as gambling, substance abuse, child abuse and mental or physical health problems require referral to a professionally qualified practitioner. However, a recognition of, and an ability to work within, a counselling framework and the way in which other issues may interact with financial issues is highly relevant to financial counselling practice.

To achieve this qualification, you must complete 220 hours of work placement.

Though this course structure does not address the specific learning and assessment requirements for Rural financial counsellors, this option is available. Please contact the RTO for further information.


9 months plus completion of 220 hour work placement

Course Information | Enrolments and Further Information

Australian Institute of Social Relations:


Diploma of Financial Counselling (CHC51115)


Our Diploma of Financial Counselling provides you with the specialised skills and knowledge to work in the field of Financial Counselling, with underpinning understanding of the Counselling and Community Services disciplines. You will learn about advocacy, counselling skills, case management and the tools and techniques required in financial counselling.

Course Structure

The Diploma of Financial Counselling has 17 units, with 10 practical elements and an extensive work placement component of 220 hours.

Course Delivery

On-line, self-paced, available through the My.AIPC Student Portal. This is your link to numerous study support and e-learning functions.

Practical assessments

The course includes a number of practical components that cover a range of topics including Communication, Counselling and Interview Skills, The Counselling Process and Practical Application of Counselling Therapies.

Because we have students all across Australia, and indeed the world, we provide a variety of flexible options to enable timely and effective completion of the practical components. Regular seminars give you the opportunity to apply the theory you have learned in contemporary counselling scenarios. They are also a great opportunity to get together with fellow students and participate in casework sessions under the guidance of a qualified Lecturer. Seminars are held regularly at the Adelaide Student Support Centre. Students who may not be able to attend seminars for whatever reason, can elect to complete the practical components through alternate means, such as a one-on-one or small group session with a private assessor. Students can also complete their practical components by recording their demonstration of skills and uploading to us. We have guidelines available to assist students compile their recordings and develop effective role plays to demonstrate their skills.


18 months (full-time study) (part-time and self-paced study also available)

Study Assistance

As a student you have unlimited access to the Institute's Toll Free 1300 Study Assistance Line. Our Degree-qualified Education Advisers are available 9am and 5pm EST Monday to Friday to provide you with friendly academic support. Their focus is to support you throughout your studies so you can graduate in the time frame you set. The Study Assistance Line is there whenever you feel you need a bit of extra guidance.

Flexible Payment Options

Reduced Upfront Payment or a Monthly Payment option is also available.

We do not charge an application or enrolment fee.  We also offer a 'risk-free' 30 day 100% money back guarantee.

How to Enrol

Simply visit - http://www.aipc.net.au/diploma_financial_counselling.php and click on the 'Apply Now' button.

AIPC Contacts - www.aipc.net.au

Leanne Fardone State Manager - Adelaide

Kerry Armstrong-Moore Student Support Officer

ICAN Learn

ICAN Learn RTO is dedicated to the provision of high-quality training for the financial counselling sector, through the delivery of CHC51115 - Diploma of Financial Counselling. ICAN Learn's blended delivery includes face-to-face block training, online face-to-face workshops and professional mentorship; this has proven results with over 95% completion rates and graduates that are work ready; many are now leaders in their field.

Information about courses: https://icanlearn.edu.au/courses/diploma-financial-counselling/
ICAN takes a holistic approach and employs expert financial counsellors to deliver training, creating links with peak bodies & agencies to ensure suitable delivery modes, locations and time frames.

Our primary focus is face to face training delivery with one online group becoming available from March 2020.


To learn more about ICAN Learn's delivery of the Diploma of Financial Counselling [CHC51115], please contact:

ICAN Learn
Contact: Majella Anderson
Phone: (07) 4031 1073
Email: enquiries@icanlearn.edu.au
Website: www.icanlearn.edu.au


Suite 7 Wellington Centre, 2 Portrush Rd.
Payneham SA 5070