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JULY 1 2022 - JUNE 30 2023

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SAFCA will forward your name and email address to Financial Counselling Australia for the purposes of the Tool Kit website, distribution of newsletters, conference information, surveys and other occasional uses as approved by SAFCA. Please advise if you do not want your details forwarded.
SAFCA commits to the Australian Privacy Principles and will not share your information or email you without your consent
Members cannot work for an organisation that charges fees for budgeting, financial counselling or debt management

In making this application for membership of the Association, I confirm I have met (or will meet) all PD and Supervision Requirements, appropriate to my membership status, and I acknowledge and agree to the following:

1. I understand that the Association has agreed to the Financial Counselling of Australia Disciplinary Process – Policy and Procedures and that these govern how the Association assesses, handles and responds to complaints about Members. Accordingly, I am bound by the Disciplinary Process – Policy and Procedures.
2. Where a complaint is made about me, I consent to the Association and any investigator appointed by the Association:
a. asking my employer, former employer, a client or former client, a co-worker or anyone else for relevant information and to the extent necessary to do so disclosing information to them about the complaint about me; and
b. obtaining any of my personal information from my employer, a former employer, a client or former client, a co-worker or anyone else, in each case to the extent that the personal information appears to be relevant to the matters the subject of the complaint.
3. I confirm that this Membership Application may be provided to anybody by way of evidence that I have consented to the Association asking for and obtaining information about me for the purposes of handling a complaint about me.
4. I acknowledge that if my membership of the Association is suspended or terminated, the Association may through Financial Counselling Australia make that information available to the financial counselling association in other States and Territories of Australia
5. I agree to abide by the Australian Financial Counselling Code of Ethical Practice

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