Professional supervision supports the work of financial counsellors

The supervision process provides a forum to discuss casework, clinical aspects of the role and the counsellor's emotional and psychological wellbeing.

  • Professional supervision is an equal relationship founded on mutual trust and respect.
  • Line management supervision is a different process to professional supervision.
  • Line management is undertaken by a person or persons to whom the financial counsellor reports.
  • Line management includes oversight of the casework undertaken by the financial counsellor as well as ensuring the financial counsellor meets organisational goals and complies with standards.

Available Professional Supervisors

The following is a list of professional supervisors who are available to provide supervision. Click on their names to access their email addresses. 

SAFCA Supervisors

Cross Border Supervisors

Please note: While these people are from states other than South Australia and the Northern Territory they have been approved by SAFCA to provide professional supervision, which is in line with the National Supervision Policy.

Updated supervision forms

Please read the updated supervision forms in conjunction with the new National Supervision Policy. 


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