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If you have a First Nations client who was a victim of mis-selling by Telstra, please use the resources below to assist you in having the account remediated.

Way Forward

Way Forward is the combined initiative of corporate and community organisations that are committed to helping people all across Australia find out how to get out of debt with free, simple and accessible debt advice and debt management services. 

Way Forward has dedicated resources and information page for Financial Counsellors.

Mental Health First Aid for Financial Counsellors

Helping someone with mental health problems and financial difficulties: Guidelines for Financial Counsellors

Australian Tax Office (ATO)

Changes to establishing your identity as a Financial Counsellor with the ATO.

There has recently been a change to how financial counsellors establish their identity with the Australian Tax Office (ATO).

Financial counsellors have been accepted as "covered entities" under section 255-25(2)(g) of the Tax Administration Act. This means that they can act on behalf of their client as a professional rather than an individual.

FCA has developed "A Guide to Establishing Identity when Dealing with the ATO".

The FCA Guide outlines the process for becoming an authorised 

Salvos Domestic Violence Loan Program

The Salvation Army is now offering a specialised program for people who are currently effected by domestic violence throughout Australia nationally. The program offers the ability to borrow up to $5,000 for essential products and services that will place the individual and their children in safe and suitable environment. The loans are interest and fee free and can be repaid up to 3 years to ensure it is affordable for individuals to repay. The program is designed to strengthen the living skills for individuals by focusing on financial education and positive lifestyle program. This requires willingness to remain engaged for the life of the loan. Conversations from The Salvation Army’s, You’re The Boss Program, will assist individuals with budgeting strategies and also to achieve or work towards financial independence. Within this program different aspects of an individual’s financial situation will be explored through creating new money habits, finding plans that are right for the individual, paying bills, discussing debts and insurance, shopping smart and other money saving tips. The Positive Lifestyle Program takes participants through a self-awareness-raising process, focusing on personal difficulties they may be unable to identify by looking at addressing discontentment, fear, anger and fatigue, and communication break downs. Positive Lifestyle Program, in a non-invasive, non-judgmental way, encourages participants to consider the following aspects of their lives: self-awareness, anger, depression, stress, loneliness, grief and loss, problem solving, assertiveness, selfesteem, and goal setting. It helps people know, value, care for and improve themselves. For individuals who would like to express interest in this program please contact the Program Officer of Salvos Loans at or call mobile number: 0419 641 285

Bankruptcy Checklist

Checklist provided by Financial Rights Legal Centre and Lismore and District Financial Counselling Service


Offences, Superannuation and Equitable Interests and Jointly Owned Property

Powerpoint from AFSA FC Forum October 2020

For information on bankruptcy and personal insolvency specific COVID19 support measures, please visit This area of the AFSA website has been created specifically in response to the COVID19 crisis.

For updated statistical and trend data on bankruptcy and personal insolvency, please visit In particular, see the latest regional statistics for your state at For improved transparency in this period of uncertainly AFSA are currently publishing fortnightly bankruptcy and personal insolvency statistics.

If you are interested in the Mental Health awareness program for the insolvency industry, please visit This is a great tool to assist us support clients with mental health issues, but also to support our peers and even ourselves.

The AFSA sandpit is where AFSA tests new ideas and seeks feedback, giving users an opportunity to share their thoughts on potential enhancements to our services. If you register, we will send you surveys or new ideas that we are trialling and ask for your feedback. If this interests you, visit:

Over the past year or so AFSA has developed a number of items to help people in financial difficulty understand their options. These include bankruptcy case studies, debt agreement case studies, a contributions calculator, and an eligibility tool. These are spread out across the AFSA website in relevant sections. We have recently introduced a new spot on our website that collects all of these together in one location. Check out our resources page:

There is a streamlined process for financial counsellors only when assisting a client complete the current bankruptcy form or a temporary debt protection application, see below for more information. AFSA has also temporarily suspended the requirement for a signature on the Third Party Authorisation form which can be found here:


Home water efficiency check

With the help of a licensed plumber, Customer Assist Program customers can reap the benefits of efficient water use.

A home water efficiency check will identify any plumbing problems and leaks at your place and help you save money on your bills. 

Financial Toolkit - Protect What Matters

What to Do when your Colleague comes out as Transgender

A Harvard Business Review document to provide you with information and support,

Tax Help - UniSA Tax Clinic


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Treasure Boxes

When poverty, homelessness and domestic violence create an uncertain, sometimes dangerous home environment, many South Australian families struggle to provide their kids with the essentials of life; bedding, clothes, toys, even regular meals.

From this troubling reality, Treasure Boxes came to be - a team of caring, like-minded people, dedicated to preventing hardship and trauma by providing kids in need with critical items many of us take for granted.

Visit website for further information


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