Our People

SAFCA is represented by a volunteer board and a small staff. 

Board Chair, Carolyn Piper 

Deputy Board Chair, Samantha Forsyth

Elected Board Directors

  • Astra Fleetwood
  • Meredith Nelson
  • Chris Fitzgerald
  • Kelly Hughes
  • Sarah Air

Independent Board Directors

  • Simon Gilbert-Kent
  • Ian Walker
  • Mark Henley
  • Kym Della-Torre

Staff members

  • Executive Officer, Kate Fox
  • Workforce Development Officer, Steffany Woolford
  • Membership and Finance Officer, Sue Mackenzie
  • Project Officer, Alex Fry
  • Financial Wellbeing & Gambling Officer, Karen Hoffensetz
Board Chair, Carolyn Piper


15-17 Glynburn Road
Glynde SA 5070