Strategic Plan 2023


A fully professionalised member organisation, providing valued services in a securely funded sector. 


SAFCA is the peak organisation for financial counsellors in South Australia and the Northern Territory, promoting excellence in the financial counselling sector.


To achieve adequate and sustainable funding for SAFCA and the sector.

  • Achieve adequate and sustainable government funding for SAFCA and financial counselling service delivery.
  • Encourage industry to partner with SAFCA, agencies and training providers to reflect the value of financial counselling to industry.
  • Investigate philanthropic, grant and project funding to ensure SAFCA is financially sustainable.

Member support

To ensure our members feel supported by SAFCA.

  • Implement and maintain professional and sector standards.
  • Ensure professional development opportunities and facilitate SAFCA Supervision  program for all members.
  • Ensure that our South Australian and Northern Territorian members are provided with the service and support they need to be successful in their role.
  • Ensure good communications with members in both South Australia and Northern Territory.


Engage widely with Financial Counselling Australia and other State Associations, government, agencies, funders, credit providers, utilities and others.

  • Work with Financial Counselling Australia and other state associations to ensure a "team approach" and consistency of message.
  • Engage with all levels of government to communicate the role and importance of financial counsellors to the community.
  • Engage with agency managers, hosting meetings to work collaboratively on issues important to financial counsellors and their clients.
  • Engage with industry, RTOs and other organisations to forward the objectives of SAFCA and its members.


Advocate for disadvantaged and vulnerable people in financial difficulty.

  • Advocate for financially disadvantaged and vulnerable people in South Australia and the Northern Territory.
  • Ensure that people who need financial counselling can access the right service.
  • Positively influence credit and hardship practices in financial services, utilities, telcos and other organisations.
  • Join with other sector organisations, Financial Counselling Australia and other state associations in campaigning for better outcomes for those experiencing poverty and disadvantage.
  • Promote the sector as a whole to normalise help-seeking in response to financial vulnerability, and to promote understanding of financial counselling services and how to access them.


Ensure SAFCA is a well governed, strong, adaptive organisation that is valued by members, government, industry and other stakeholders.

  • Meet member, stakeholder and funder expectations through accountability, transparency and disclosure.
  • Maintain clearly defined internal control policies articulating individual authorities, responsibilities and accountabilities.
  • Maintain a clearly defined relationship and linkage between the Board and the Executive Officer.


Suite 7 Wellington Centre, 2 Portrush Rd.
Payneham SA 5070