Financial Counsellors are skilled professionals who will guide you through your options and help you plan your way out of debt.

They understand the stress you are under and the anxiety you are feeling and are here to help. They can look at your financial situation and identify which debts are priorities. This is very important if legal action has commenced. Then, they will sit down with you create a detailed budget customised to your unique financial situation.

If you no longer want to, or are no longer able to, deal with your creditors, they can negotiate directly with them on your behalf so that you do not have to. They can also represent you in dispute and complaint resolution processes.

They don't want you to be harassed by debt collectors. They can help you understand how you are protected under law and what to do if you are subject to unacceptable behaviour.

They have extensive knowledge of your rights, responsibilities and eligibility under the National Credit Code and how the credit reporting system works. This means they can help you apply for a hardship variation and support you to receive your proper entitlements. Sometimes they can debts reduced, deferred or waived.

Financial Counsellors truly care. They understand that other factors can effect your situation (such as health, abuse, employment, relationships and housing), and can refer you for legal advice or other services while providing you with emotional support. 

Financial Counsellors act for their clients, so you will always maintain control. It will always be up to you to make the decisions about how to manage your situation with the advice you've been given. They work for you and their services are FREE. 


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