A message from Way Forward

Written on the 14 December 2021

As Australia begins to open its borders ahead of the holidays, we know many are still struggling to make ends meet. Way Forward is preparing for increased need for their service when payment moratoriums lift and many people confront further economic uncertainty this Christmas and beyond. 

Financial counsellors are a critical component to introducing more Australians to their free service and this cooperation has brought relief to hundreds of Australians since Way Forward's inception in 2018.

Three ways Financial Counsellors can work with Way Forward

  1. Working side by side. The financial counsellor does a full case assessment and works alongside the client: Way Forward supports by managing the creditors.
  2. Handover to Way Forward. The financial counsellor does an initial assessment and budget and hands over the client and their budget to Way Forward.
  3. Keep you in the loop. The financial counsellor refers a client to Way Forward. They do a full case assessment to determine whether the client meets their criteria, and Way Forward will review the client’s budget, send a letter of authority and keep the financial counsellor in the loop.

Way Forward can help people who:

  • Are struggling with multiple creditors
  • Have a regular income and are not heavily reliant on Centrelink benefits
  • Want to pay their debts back in an affordable way
  • Have funds left after paying for living expenses

When Way Forward works with someone, their hardship advocates look at all of the client’s debts as they assess the situation and work with clients towards workable arrangements with all creditors. 

For more information, call 1300 045 502 or head to their website.

They focus on helping clients with unsecured debts, but will consider their secured debts in any plan. While they're proud to be backed by Australia’s biggest banks, they’re 100% independent and always put clients' best interests first.

For anyone who Way Forward is unable to help, they will connect the client with other organisations that may be better placed to assist them such as financial counsellors.


15-17 Glynburn Road
Glynde SA 5070