SAFCA was formed from the Para Districts Counselling Service, which was established in 1970 as a non-government organisation to provide outreach service in Elizabeth and surrounding suburbs

Issues SAFCA were concerned with in 1970 included door-to-door salespeople selling encyclopedias and time share schemes.  

By 1990, there were 15 financial counselling providers who were funded by state and Commonwealth governments to deal with issues related to high unemployment (11.5%) and credit card debts (the national credit debt (not including mortgages) totalled $42 billion or $5,700 for every wage earner.

The growing need for financial counselling saw SAFCA  develop the first accredited 12 day training course, which required trainees to spend time working in social service agencies. The first course was delivered by the Adelaide Central Mission and attracted 26 government and non-government trainees.

In 2017, SAFCA assumed responsibility for the provision of accreditation of financial counsellors in the Northern Territory.

Today, we have over 300 members who are based in not-for-profit community organisations and contiue to support people who are financially vulnerable.


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