A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life invites politicians and senior decision makers in government and industry to spend time with a financial counsellor to gain a better understanding of the work they do.

The goal is to give leaders in our community a deeper understanding of what financial counsellors do, and the issues that people face when struggling with bills and debts. It also gives politicians an opportunity to connect with a local service that can help their constituents.

We organise client and agency consent so the politician can:

  • Talk to a financial counselling client or listen to calls on the National Debt Helpline.
  • Ask questions and tour the agency to see the other support services available.
  • Ask questions and seek further information about the issues raised.

To organise a visit, please email our Advocacy and Communications Officer, Kelly Higgins


Suite 7 Wellington Centre, 2 Portrush Rd.
Payneham SA 5070