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      'MONEY ON YOUR MIND' Campaign
      A Day In The Life with Nat Cook
      A focus on FDV Services and Awareness
      A message from NT Chief Minister about vaccination requirements for workers
      A message from Way Forward
      A note from Consumer Action Law Centre
      A walk out of the big smoke onto country
      AAG Expressions of Interest
      Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement
      ACCAN research: Addressing telco affordability
      ACCOS - Cuts to JobSeeker to cost 145,000 full-time jobs - Deloitte report
      ACMA - Financial Counsellor insights on telco financial hardship programs
      AER Annual Retail Markets Performance Report
      AER's Billing Guidelines
      AER's Standby Statement of Expectations for energy businesses now in effect in South Australia
      AFCA launches new videos for diverse communities
      Annual EDR Star Awards
      ANZ 2021 Wellbeing Survey
      ANZ Quarterly Results
      App-alling rental rip-off exploiting struggling families
      Articles of interest - 10 February
      Articles of Interest - 10 September
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      Articles of interest - 3 February
      Articles of interest - 3 March 2021
      Articles of Interest - 3 September
      ASIC Proceedings Against Membo Finance Over Hardship Requests
      ATO Working from Home - July 16
      Backing small regional businesses affected by COVID-19
      Banks, Australian Taxation Office, Bankruptcy
      Bouncing Back Video Selfies
      Buy Now Pay Later - by Fiona Guthrie
      Careers Page On Website Moved to Members Only Area
      Changes to the Diploma of Financial Counselling - Have your say!
      Cigno and ASIC submission
      Community news
      Community news - 16 December
      Community news - 2 December
      Community news - 20 January
      Community news - 25 November
      Community news - 27 January
      Community news - 3 February
      Community news - 9 December
      Compensation Scheme of last resort
      Conference Speaker List
      Consumer Action Law Centre
      Consumer Rights and Protections
      Crunch - Conference Update
      Decision on Safe Lending Laws Deferred Until After Federal Budget
      Diploma of Financial Counselling
      DV NILS
      Easy ANZ Online
      Emergency Electricity Payment Scheme Review
      End date for AER Statement of Expectations of energy businesses and next steps
      ER Final Decision - SA Access Arrangement
      Family Violence and Covid-19 support hotline
      FCA MEDIA RELEASE - Bank Announcement of Further Assistance for Customers a Timely Relief
      FCA Weekly Digest 12 March 2021
      Financial Counselling Newsletters - 23 December
      Financial relief and grants
      Floods and Insurance Training for NT Members
      Free Mental Health services
      Gambling, Predatory payday lenders
      Good Shepherd Small Business Recovery Program.
      Government waters down payday lending reforms
      Improving how we transfer bankrupt estates to registered trustees
      In-language support
      Industry updates - 29/7/2020
      Information about the VET FEE-HELP Student Redress Measures
      Information for the AFCCAP
      International Students - 25th June
      Introducing AGL's Industry Advocate
      Jan Pentland Scholarship Applications Open
      Jennifer Florey
      JobKeeper Legislation and its impact on the community sector
      Legal Services - Advocacy campaigns July 16
      Legal Services Commission 13-05-20
      Legal Services News
      Letter from Fiona 24 March
      Loss of Access to Bank Accounts
      Mandatory Hotel Quarantine Debt - Update
      Mandatory Hotel Quarantine Debts
      Maria Rees Retires from SAFCA
      Marion Life
      MarionLIFE E-news for June 2020
      MEDIA RELEASE - Australian Banking Association
      Media Release: Buy Now Pay Later Submission
      Medical waiting rooms
      Membership & FCA Toolkit update
      Mental Health Academy Suicide Conference
      Mental Wellbeing with Beyond Blue
      More Options for AFSA's Online Bankruptcy Process
      Nat Cook hears client stories - A Day in the Life
      National Redress Scheme Payments
      NDH campaign update
      New Ethics Training
      New Members Only Facebook Groups
      New residential tenancies support measures now in effect
      News from SACOSS 6th August
      Nominations are now open for the 2021 Jan Pentland Prize.
      Now You're Speaking My Language
      Ombudsman Service Updates
      Ombudsman Services - 29/7/2020
      Origin Energy help for customers during Covid-19
      Origin Energy response to Covid-19
      Out & About with Alex
      PDSAC: Expressions of interest
      Plan for Financial Counselling in SA
      Professional Development
      Professional Development - 1 October
      Professional Development - 10 February 2021
      Professional Development - 10 September
      Professional Development - 11 November
      Professional Development - 13 August
      Professional Development - 13 January
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      Professional Development 9 July
      Professional indemnity Insurance for Supervisors
      Promising update on safe lending laws campaign
      RASA Counselling services
      RBS help to continue with new RFCS funding round win
      Referrals for Victims of Crime post 1 July 2020
      Respect Key to Kates' SAFCA Success
      Responsible Lending, BNPL, Royal Commission
      Robo-debt refunds in doubt
      Rural Business Support
      SAFCA 2020 AGM
      SAFCA Eligibility Required to Submit EEPS Application
      SAFCA Membership and Supervision
      SAFCA Membership, Professional Development and Supervision
      SAFCA Weekly Newsletter 2 April 2020
      SAFCA's New EO Announced
      Safe Lending Laws Update
      SAFECOM & Good Shepherd: The 'Protect What Matters' Financial Resilience Toolkit
      Sector Articles of Interest - 1 October
      Sector Articles of Interest - 11 November
      Sector Articles of Interest - 15 October
      Sector articles of interest - 16 December
      Sector articles of interest - 17 September
      Sector articles of interest - 18 November
      Sector articles of interest - 2 December
      Sector Articles of Interest - 22 October
      Sector Articles of Interest - 24 September
      Sector articles of interest - 25 November
      Sector Articles of Interest - 29 October
      Sector Articles of Interest - 4 November
      Sector articles of interest - 9 December
      Simon Gilbert-Kent updates 2 April 2020
      Sparking Financial and Emotional Wellbeing
      Spot Talk Applications Open
      STEP into STEPS
      Surge in disconnections a blow to thousands during COVID
      Sylvan Review Implementation Briefings
      Tax Clinics
      Tax Help
      Telcos and Financial Hardship
      Telcos tell Govt they're walking away from Sylvan Recommendations
      Television Ads Target SA's Mid-North
      Tell Jacqui Lambie What You Think
      Telstra agrees to pay $50 million fine for exploiting Indigenous consumers
      Telstra's refreshed Payment Assistance Policy
      The Case for Change for the Diploma of Financial Counselling
      Thriving Communities Partnership
      Thriving Communities Partnership 29/7/2020
      Time to fix our flawed Concessions system
      TIO News 16 March 2021
      Update on the Federal Budget and the Sylvan Review
      Utilities and Telcos
      Way Forward Online Information Session
      Who's the Executive Officer
      Working while remote NT communities are locked down
      Your options to complete the new small business unit


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