Promising update on safe lending laws campaign

Written on the 24 March 2021 by SAFCA

The government was forced to delay its plans to rush a vote through the Senate to axe safe lending laws giving the legislation more time for scrutiny. While May is the earliest the Bill can be debated, June is looking like the more likely option.

Our hope is that community opposition is so strong and overpowering that the legislation never sees the light of day in the Senate. At this stage, this government's bill has been left with no friends other than lenders that will profit from people's misfortune if it goes through.

On Tuesday, we hand-delivered a petition to crossbench Senators signed by 125 community sector organisations and over 33,000 people. The same day it was delivered to crossbench senators, the Government hit the brakes because they knew they didn't have the numbers.

Thank you for everyone's involvement. We've heard first-hand from politicians that they have been overwhelmed by stories and case studies of community sector organisations and individuals about how harmful this legislation would be. In fact, our joint campaign was mentioned by 12 different MPs in Parliament this week. MP's mentioned a number of community organisations including the Shoalhaven Women's Health Centre, the Salvation Army, Barwon Community Legal Service, Uniting Communities SA,TasCOSS, Hume Riverina Community Legal Service, and many other orgs.

The campaign isn't over yet, but this development prevents the government from rushing through harmful legislation this week.

I'll be in touch when there are further developments. We'll be calling on you to keep up the pressure on crossbench Senators. But for now take a well earned rest. We've earned it!


Patrick Veyret

Senior Policy and Campaigns Advisor




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