ACCAN research: Addressing telco affordability

Written on the 24 November 2021

ACCAN would like to share the second stage of our research into the communications needs of consumers on low incomes, and the effectiveness of current programs and offers provided by telcos. The research found that the programs and offers provided by telcos deliver good outcomes for consumers, and that consumers overwhelmingly prefer to receive affordability assistance directly through their telcos via discounts and concessions. Other findings were: 

  • the need for a broad government review of affordability measures because current consumer needs are not being met.
  • available programs need to be expanded, and service inclusions more generous.
  • more promotion of the programs is needed to increase consumer awareness.
  • collaboration between telcos, governments, the community sector and consumers themselves is needed when designing and delivering low income supports.

The research and ACCAN’s analysis is available on our website and is also attached for your reference. Should you have any questions about the research or our analysis please let us know, as we’d be happy to arrange a time to discuss it with you in more detail.


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