Annual EDR Star Awards

Written on the 13 April 2021 by Kelly Higgins

The ombudsman schemes of Australia are calling for nominations for outstanding performance in external dispute resolution as part of the first Annual EDR Star Awards with prizes awarded at the FCA conference. Winners as voted by you and the ombudsmen on the couch! (You do not have to attend the conference to enter.)


  • EDR Star for telecommunications
  • EDR Star for energy and water
  • EDR Star for financial services
  • Ombudsman EDR Star of 2021

How to enter

Submit your 2 minute video telling your story by no later than Friday, 7 May

How to be an EDR star in 2 minutes

  • Introduce yourself and the EDR Scheme you worked with (e.g. EWOV, AFCA, TIO)
  • How you worked with the EDR scheme to support your client
  • A breakthrough moment that led to a fair outcome
  • The outcome that was achieved through EDR
  • How did you feel telling your client the outcome and how did your client feel?
  • Tip 2 minutes goes quickly, have some dot points and think of this as an elevator pitch

How to record your video

  • Turn the mobile phone so it is landscape
  • Face a window so you are well lit
  • Get someone to film you or use double sided tape to stick the phone to a window or wall
  • Make sure the room is silent (no TV or music in the background)
  • Frame yourself
  • Make sure your phone is in video mode, then press record.
  • Once the video is saved on your phone, click the link below or copy it into your browser
  • Add files
  • This will give you the choice to access your photo library select the video
  • Complete: Your name, your email address and click upload

Consent: By entering the competition, you consent and agree for your video to be used at the 2021 Financial Counselling Australia Conference and the EDR Forum. You also consent to your video being used by the external dispute resolution scheme you worked with in any and all media platforms, now or hereafter.

Author:Kelly Higgins


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