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Written on the 3 February 2021 by SAFCA

  • FCA Weekly Digest 29 January 2021
  • Raise the Rate campaign - SACOSS
  • Community Legal Education Child Support

FCA Weekly Digest 29 January 2021

Extracts from the FCA Weekly Digest

Changes to Toolkit and Website Resources

Covid-19 Toolkit

Financial Counselling Australia Toolkit

  • New document: Quarantine Fees and Hardship States/ Territory Breakdown

News and Updates

Clients with Hotel Quarantine Debts

Financial counsellors are beginning to see clients with debts from hotel quarantine.

Each State/Territory has a different approach and some offer better hardship arrangements than others. We have a new page for Hotel Quarantine Fees on the COVID-19 toolkit that provides more information.

We've also collated information for each State/Territory into a document that shows the cost, how payment is made, hardship options and helpful phone numbers. Click here  to access it (it's also available on the standard toolkit and COVID-19 toolkit).

We'll be updating this document in the next few weeks. We're currently doing more research into things like whether there are appeal mechanisms. Once that's complete, we'll provide a new version.

EAP Newsletter: Welcome to 2021

As part of our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) package for the sector, we receive emails with wellbeing tips that include helpful resources.

The theme of this newsletter is welcoming the new year and maintaining resilience, as Australia recovers from the pandemic. It also encourages us to reflect on the year that has been.

There's an article about how to set realistic resolutions (and stick to them), a wellbeing tracker and a wellbeing calendar.

These resources are all available for your use, so check it out! Click here to read the full newsletter.

SACOSS Raise the Rate for Good

This week, the Federal Parliament will return for the first sitting week of the year. As the Coronavirus Supplements is set to cease in March and return many payments to the old rate of $40 a day, it is likely the Government may make a decision on the future of JobSeeker and other income support. This means it's vital that we galvanise  support amongst Government MPs for a permanent, adequate increase to these payments.

To help out, please consider contacting your MP, or any MPs you have relationships with, to advocate for a permanent increase to the base rate of JobSeeker of at least $25 a day more, so that people can cover the basics.

ACOSS has developed handy guides to help organisations and individuals to call their MPs. There is also more information and resources available on the Raise The Rate website. We would also encourage supporters to share information about the campaign to Raise the Rate for Good with people who are affected, and people who care about this issue.

Read more

Legal Services Commission of SA Community Legal Education

We want to help you stay connected

Welcome to 'Keeping Connected' - a fortnightly e-resource to help keep workers up to date with relevant legal topics.

As workers in organisations, government departments, and education sites, you are in the perfect position to share important information, resources, and steer people in the right direction to get the help they need.

Each fortnight we highlight our resources on a particular legal topic.

This edition's topic is Child Support and Child Support Help.

Child Support

This edition of Keeping Connected has links to our factsheets and legal resources about child support, as well as information about our free Child Support Advice and Information service.

The term 'child support' refers to the financial support provided for children by parents who do not live together. The law says that both parents have an obligation to financially support their children.

The amount that should be paid depends on a number of variables, including:

  • the adjusted taxable income of each parent;
  • the costs of children (based on Australian research);
  • the level of care each parent provides for the children; and
  • whether either parent supports other children who they have a legal duty to support.

Child Support Factsheet

This factsheet is for separated parents who may be required to make payments to one another to financially support their children. It explains the child support scheme and how the amount of child support that is payable may be assessed and collected.

Adult Child Maintenance Factsheet

This factsheet is for people who are over 18 years of age and completing their formal education or people with disability who seek financial assistance from their parents. It includes information about Adult Child Maintenance and information on how to get more information and help.

Child Support Help

We offer a complete service to payers and payees in relation to all child support and maintenance issues, including providing independent legal advice in relation to:

  • Changes to the Child Support Scheme
  • Paternity disputes & DNA testing
  • Completing Services Australia - Child Support forms
  • Changing your Child Support Assessment
  • Child Support Agreements
  • AAT Appeals in Child Support Matters
  • Court Applications and Responses
  • Adult Child (Over 18) Maintenance (where the adult child is completing their education or has special needs)
  • Overseas Child Support and Maintenance Issues
  • Spousal Maintenance

Initial contact is provided by a free, confidential, telephone callback service, and a free follow-up interview can be arranged where required. The services of an interpreter can be obtained if necessary. Appointments can be conducted at the Adelaide office of the Commission or by telephone.

Further assistance (subject to means and merit tests) can be provided for clients whose matters require legal representation.

This service is part of the Family Law Practice Division of the Legal Services Commission and has no connection to Services Australia Child Support branch.

Contact us

Please contact us by telephone 8111 5576, leave your details and we will telephone you back.

Alternatively you can e-mail  to arrange a mutually convenient time we can telephone you.

Law Handbook Online The Child Support Chapter

Law Handbook Online - The Child Support Chapter

Our Law Handbook has a whole chapter on Child Support.

Get linked to a plain-English summary of common child support topics and find out what to do or where to go next.

Topics include:

  • The role of Services Australia Child Support
  • Applying for a child support assessment
  • Proof of Parentage
  • Centrelink and child support
  • Child support assessments
  • How to change a child support assessment
  • Objections and appeals to Services Australia decisions
  • Child Support Agreements
  • Adult child maintenance
  • Collection of child support and maintenance liabilities
  • Court applications
  • Overseas child support and maintenance

How to get legal advice and assistance

Legal Help Line - 1300 366 424

Free, confidential legal advice on the telephone about most legal issues.

Available 9am 4.30pm  Monday Friday.

We can arrange and pay for interpreters.

Child Support Help (08) 8111 5576;  1300 366 424 for country callers

The Child Support Advice and Information Line is run by the Legal Services Commission of SA. It is a free service that is available to anyone who needs legal advice about child support matters. 

Initial contact is provided by a free, confidential, telephone callback service, and a free follow-up interview can be arranged where required.

Legal Chat -

Got a legal question? Type to chat to a legal advisor for personal assistance with legal information.  Available during business. Click on the Legal Chat icon in the bottom right screen to start Legal Chat.

Legal Services Commission and COVID-19

The situation relating to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is presenting many changes to our lives and the law.

For useful information and services that may be of assistance please see our page The Law and Covid-19 for South Australians -




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