ATO Working from Home - July 16

Written on the 16 July 2020 by SAFCA

WFH shortcut rate, Taxtime updates and JobKeeper rule changes

Individuals Stewardship Group

Firstly, we'd like to acknowledge the challenges faced by our fellow Victorians both personally and professionally. Please remember we are here to help during these difficult times so please do feel free to reach out if we can assist to reduce the burden and stress.

Businesses that may not have considered applying for JobKeeper previously if your circumstances have changed, it is not too late to apply and claim payments made to your employees. 

For more information visit,

There are a few updates I did want to share with you

Rule changes for childcare providers

The rule changes relating to JobKeeper payments for childcare providers have now been confirmed.

Eligibility for JobKeeper payments will stop from 20 July for:

  • employees of an approved provider of childcare services where those employees whose ordinary duties are that they are engaged principally in the operation of the childcare centre
  • eligible business participants where the business entity is an approved provider of a childcare service.

Support materials will be available on our website soon to step employers and eligible business participants through what they need to do to complete their JobKeeper claims up to JobKeeper Fortnight 8 (6 July to 19 July 2020).

For more information visit,

WFH shortcut rate for 2020-21 financial year

We have extended the temporary shortcut method for working from home expenses until 30 September 2020. This is in recognition of the continuing challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and as a result the number of people who continue to work from home.

Tax Time 2020 toolkits

In case you missed them, the toolkits are available. They are user-focused products developed to help taxpayers get their tax returns right. The products simplify complex information, making it easy for taxpayers to quickly understand their obligations.

They are memorable, shareable and visually appealing, as well as a great resource for major employers, member associations, industry bodies and tax professionals.

Suite of products:

  • 11 tax time toolkits (one general toolkit for tax professionals which includes all products, eight industry-specific, one for small business and one for rental property owners).
  • 36 occupation posters to help taxpayers understand what they can and can't claim, specific to their occupation.
  • Seven label posters on topics such as car expenses and working from home.
  • One record-keeping poster.
  • Two Income posters (foreign income and residency).
  • Two new small business guides ('Using your company's money or assets' and 'Pausing or permanently closing your business due to COVID-19') this year.
  • You can access the toolkits from:
  • Under 'Key Links' on the tax professionals segment of -
  • Navigate via Tax professionals > Prepare and Lodge > Tax Time 2020
  • Download from the Publication Ordering Service -
  • Individuals and small business will also find the products within the related website content on the various segments of
  • Small business can access the small business tax time toolkit from

Please share with your members as appropriate.




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