Changes to the Diploma of Financial Counselling - Have your say!

Written on the 19 October 2021 by Kelly Higgins

The revised Diploma of Financial Counselling is in draft form and you are invited to provide your feedback by Thursday 11 November. 

Over the last two years, the FCA has reviewing the Diploma of Financial Counselling. Many of you contributed to this review during the consultation process. The feedback we received was thoughtful, diverse and extremely helpful. Based on this consultation, they have submitted a case for change to the body that oversees training packages. 

Broadly, the recommended changes were to update the existing three financial counselling units and to replace two existing units with new units. The new units suggested are one on small business concepts and one on providing financial counselling within a social justice framework. The two units suggested for replacement are one of the counselling units and the stand-alone systemic advocacy unit (with relevant aspects of the units being replaced being picked up in the new social justice unit instead).

Three weeks ago, they were given the go ahead to begin the drafting process, which was a very tight timeframe. SkillsIQ then set up a Technical Advisory Committee with representatives of the financial counselling sector to undertake the drafting. Like our sector, the TAC had different views on various aspects of the changes, and we would have liked more time to discuss these more. 

The four-week consultation phase however is a really good opportunity for the sector to provide some feedback. What do you think about the changes to the existing units? What do you think about the proposed new units?

SkillsIQ is running a series of webinars about the proposed changes, and there is also a web-based feedback process.  After the consultation, all of the feedback will be collated and come back to the Technical Advisory Committee who will make a recommendation. The final decision about whether the changes go forward will be made by the Industry Skills Council. FCA representsthe financial counselling sector on this, but there are also members from other sectors including counselling, family dispute resolution and child protection.

Author:Kelly Higgins


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