Consumer Rights and Protections

Written on the 6 December 2021 by Legal Services Commission of South Australia

Under the Australian Consumer Law, goods or services bought in Australia come with automatic guarantees. These guarantees exist to protect consumers if goods are faulty or services are not satisfactory. When something you buy breaks too easily, doesn’t work or a service you are given doesn’t perform as expected, the law sets out your rights.

If the problem is major, you can ask the supplier to repair the goods, give you a refund of the money you paid for them, or a replacement. If the problem can easily be fixed you may not get a refund or a replacement. If services are not satisfactory, you can ask for the service to be done again. If the problem with the service caused other problems, like personal injury, get legal advice quickly. 

  • The consumer guarantees are different to the warranty given by a manufacturer, or any extended warranty that you buy.
  • A store cannot tell you that there are "no refunds" even if the price is reduced or on sale.
  • You cannot sign away these guarantees, even if you agree.

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Author:Legal Services Commission of South Australia


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