Emergency Electricity Payment Scheme Review

Written on the 15 September 2021

SAFCA members were recently invited by the Department of Human Services to provide feedback on the Emergency Electricity Payment Scheme (EEPS).  Thanks to all members and organisations that provided feedback to the review, your feedback was insightful and well considered. 

A summary of the key feedback included recommendations to:

  • Increase the eligible debt limit from the current limit of $2000
  • Making the payment available more frequently (currently once every three years)
  • Increasing the maximum payment (currently $400)
  • Open the payment to other utilities (not just electricity)
  • Include support for those who are part of an embedded network (e.g. living in a caravan park)
  • Allowing all financial counsellors with a National Registration Number to submit an application for an EEPS (currently only full members can submit an application)

In addition to this, there were also suggestions for improving the application process and the interaction with utilities providers plus SAFCA commended the SACOSS submission into the review, which can be found here

Overall, it was clear that the EEPS is important with respondents noting that the grant application process has led many people to financial counselling that may have not received the benefit of all the support provided through a financial counsellor otherwise.


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