International Students - 25th June

Written on the 24 June 2020 by SAFCA

This week I was contacted by an international student asking if we can help pay their rent. I referred them to Emergency Relief and the Student association at their Uni. I am hearing that this is becoming a big issue for International Students who have lost their part time income. And that Emergency Relief agencies are inundated with students asking for help. Here is a wrap up of information we have posted in previous Newsletters.

Hardship payment for international students

The SA Government has a new International Student Support Package to assist international students with living expenses during COVID-19. The funding is for English language students, Vocational Education and Training students and higher education students studying with one of the state's private higher-education institutions. For more information on the assistance package and to apply, visit Study Adelaide.

Study Adelaide is eager to hear from Financial Counsellors to know what issues the students are facing as they are looking to get as many services in place for the students as possible. The number to call is 8226 0022.There is no time frame for the SA Government processing of the grant, and it is taking well over three weeks from application to outcome. The applications are assessed by a government department, not Study Adelaide.

If a student is concerned about their application they can email with their name, date of application and application number to ask about the progress of the grant.
The students will either get an email to say the grant has been approved or if it is declined the reason why. If declined the student can re-apply to meet the requirements.
Study Adelaide is up-dating the website regularly to include any new supports for students.

University Student Associations

We encourage students to contact their University Student Association to enquire about special emergency payments which may be available.

Other RTO Student Assistance packages

A quick search on Google shows that some other Education institutions are offering assistance to international students affected by Covid-19, for example:
- Eynesbury College Hardship grant of up to $1000
- SAIBT counselling service and referrals available to students
Unfortunately, not all the RTOs who accept international students have information on how to help these students during Covid-19 on their websites.

FCA Covid-19 Website

You can reach this website via a link on the FCA Toolkit. Go to "Government Assistance" and look under Temporary Visa holders or Temporary Residents. You will find information about accessing superannuation, State based help, and Emergency Assistance. The information is updated regularly.




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