Jennifer Florey

Written on the 7 July 2021 by Kelly Higgins

"As a young single parent, I struggled financially and did not know of any services to help me out of that situation. I had around five items through Radio Rentals, all necessities including items I had to replace that were stolen, which kept me in poverty. I did love my Radio Rentals Gold Card if only I knew what that really was."

"I had always assisted my friends after recovering financially with budgeting. My attitude is if my experience can help one person than it is worth the experience. While studying Community Services I found out there is a financially counselling course, which was perfect for me as I love helping people out of the struggle I was once in."

"I had a client convinced that Cash Converters were her friends. They always said hello when she went in and give her a loan when other companies wouldn't. She was taking out loans so she could get a discount on her electricity bill, which was costing more than the discount."

"I calculated the amount of money she paid in just taking out the loan and then the interest and she could have saved over $5000 in the past few years. I asked the client what she would do if she had $5000 and she said she'd go on a holiday. The hardest part was changing her thinking about payday loans and the shop staff but she did stop using payday loans."

"I love helping people and assisting them to have control back over their finances and their lives. I just had an email from a client saying, "Thank you so much for your help no way would have understood any of this was possible ".

"Comments like this are my reward for a job I love. In hindsight, I should not call it a job as it's my passion to help people."


Author:Kelly Higgins


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