Legal Services Commission 13-05-20

Written on the 13 May 2020 by SAFCA

Legal Services Commission 13-05-20

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This edition's topic will be 'The Police and You'.


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The Police and You

The police in South Australia have wide powers and responsibilities. If you have contact with the police, it is important that you are clear about your legal rights.  The resources below contain important and clear information on your rights and responsibilities, and avenues for legal advice and assistance.




The Police and You

This factsheet is for anyone who has contact with police in South Australia.

It provides information about being questioned by police, rights while under arrest, searches, and other situations.


The Police and You

This factsheet is for young people and their workers, but includes information that is also relevant to adults.

It explains laws to do with the police including when you must give personal details, searches, arrest, interviews, and declared public precincts. 


Complaints about The Police

This factsheet is designed for young people and their workers, but the information is also relevant to adults. 

It explains the process for making an official complaint about the police.




RIGHTS ON SHOW is a legal education resource about rights with police. This resource has been specifically made for people with intellectual disability and cognitive impairment.

RIGHTS ON SHOW is available to any person to use if they wish to learn more about key rights when first making contact with the criminal justice system.

The people in these photographs are professional actors from No Strings Attached Theatre of Disability.


Law Handbook Online - The Arrest, Your Rights and Bail Chapter

Our Law Handbook Online has a whole chapter on Arrest, Your Rights, and Bail. In this chapter you'll find important information about police and the law. 

Topics include:

  • Questioning, search and arrest
  • Being questioned
  • Police cautions
  • Search and seizure
  • Arrest
  • Police powers after arrest
  • When legal rights are not given
  • Your rights
  • Applying for bail
  • Conditions of bail
  • Refusal and review of bail conditions
  • Enforcement of bail agreement
  • Termination of bail.


Police Powers during the COVID-19 emergency

Both the Australian Government and South Australian Government have enacted their emergency powers in order to respond to the COVID-19 situation. This means that the government may utilize its powers in specific circumstances to create policies, change laws, and enact procedures to manage the emergency.

In South Australia, the Emergency Management Act 2004 (SA) enables the state government and its delegated agencies to put in place formal directions that the public must adhere to. This includes undertaking mandatory self-quarantine when directed to do so, and travel border restrictions.These directions are enforceable at law, and penalties apply for a breach of the direction. 

For more information on police powers and penalties please see our page The Law & COVID-19 (Coronavirus) for South Australians


How to get legal advice and assistance 


Legal Help Line
1300 366 424

Free, confidential legal advice on the telephone about most legal issues. 

Available 9am 4.30pm
Monday Friday.

We can arrange and pay for interpreters.

Find more information about getting legal help on our website. 


Online Legal Aid Form 

Apply for a grant of legal aid using our new online form.

Upload electronic copies of supporting documents at any time and start your application.


Legal Chat

Got a legal question? Type to chat to a legal advisor for personal assistance with legal information.

Available during business hours. Click on the Legal Chat icon in the bottom right screen to start Legal Chat.



Legal Services Commission and COVID-19

The situation relating to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is presenting many changes to our lives and the law. For useful information and services that may be of assistance please see our page The Law and Covid-19 for South Australians.

Please note that we are continuing to provide legal assistance, advice, information and representation to the SA community. In response to COVID-19, however, we have temporarily closed our offices to the public. We are providing our services by phone or online only. Please see our contact details below, or visit for more information. 




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