Mental Wellbeing with Beyond Blue

Written on the 20 October 2021 by Kelly Higgins

Last year Beyond Blue delivered a number of mental wellbeing webinars for financial counsellors, to help us navigate through these challenging times. Beyond Blue is offering the webinar again, this time tailored for agency managers, team leaders and financial counsellors who are frequently mentoring or supervising others.

Presented by Linda Sheahan, Wellness and Prevention Engagement Manager at Beyond Blue, the webinars will cover strategies you can use to support the wellbeing of others as well as your own, and manage the added pressure of leadership roles.

As many people across Australia are still in lockdown or working from home and juggling the many demands and stresses it causes, this is a good chance to pause and focus on how we can take care of ourselves and our colleagues.

For agency managers, team leaders and financial counsellors in positions of leadership, such as mentors or supervisors. 

Date: Thursday 4 November

Time: 11.30am in the NT and 12.30pm in SA

Please register to attend the webinar via this link.

The link to join the webinar will be sent to you two days prior and again 10 minutes before the training begins.

Please note that the link will be on the email itself. Please ignore the instruction to go to the event page to get the link. If you do not receive the link by the day prior please contact Tamara via email.

Please note: It is important to register to attend, as a minimum number of attendees are required in order for the webinar to proceed.

Thanks to FCA for organising this. 

Author:Kelly Higgins


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