Nat Cook hears client stories - A Day in the Life

Written on the 2 June 2021 by Kelly Higgins

Nat Cook hears client stories - A Day in the Life


South Australian Shadow Minister for Human Services, Nat Cook MP, learned first-hand about how financial counselling helps financially vulnerable people as she listened to the powerful stories told by clients of financial counsellors, Peter Gantley and Juliet Sheppard.

Nat visited UCWB as part of the Day in the Life project, which invites decision-makers to spend time financial counsellors to gain a better understanding of the work they do.

Over an informal morning tea, clients, Deanna, Darren, Sophie* and Bernie, explained to Nat the circumstances that led them to financial counselling and how the support from their counsellors has helped them enormously in all areas of their lives.

Common amongst the group was the crippling shame they all felt before commencing financial counselling, and the huge relief the process they had given them. All deeply appreciated the help their financial counsellors had given them and agreed they were responsible for helping them see life more positively.

Clearly moved by their stories, Nat, a self-described "quivering leftie", confirmed her continued commitment to supporting the valued work of financial counsellors in her role.

*Not her real name.

Author:Kelly Higgins


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