National Redress Scheme Payments

Written on the 14 September 2021

Payments received from the National Redress Scheme (NRS) are treated differently from other payments and it is important to understand how the payment may affect your client’s situation, particularly if they receive a Centrelink payment or have any debts. Specialist Redress financial counsellors at knowmore legal service can assist people who are thinking about applying or have applied to the redress scheme. 

Resources are available to assist financial counsellors working with NRS recipients on the worker assistance page on the knowmore website This also includes a contact form for any queries that workers may have regarding the implications of receiving a NRS payment. Alternatively, clients can be assisted directly by the Redress financial counsellors by contacting knowmore on 1800 605 762.

The financial counsellors work in knowmore’s multidisciplinary team, delivering services that are person-centred, trauma-informed and culturally safe. They can work directly with clients to:

  • manage their debts before receiving a NRS payment
  • improve their ‘financial health’ before receiving a NRS payment
  • advise them about the effect the lump sum payment will have, including any impact on benefits they may receive
  • help protect the payment from others that may be trying to access the money,


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