Professional Development - 17 September

Written on the 17 September 2020 by SAFCA

Wednesday 30 September 10.30-12.00pm -  Bushfires & Insurance

Presented by Financial Counselling Australia this covers key insurance issues that have arisen from the 2019/20 bushfires. 

This interactive session will feature presentations from Legal Aid (NSW) and AFCA.

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Tuesday 6 October 12noon AEST AIPC - Having Conversations About Suicide

Working with clients at risk of suicide is among the most stressful parts of community services work, and the prospect can trigger high anxiety for helping professionals. This webinar explores risk factors and warning signs for suicide, and provides guidance for having conversations with clients when you are concerned that they are at risk. You will also learn about the 'do's and don't's' of talking to clients about suicide.

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Tuesday 3 November 12noon AEST AIPC Responding to Crises and Vicarious Trauma Risk

It is inevitable within helping and support work crises will arise. In this webinar we cover common crises that helping professionals encounter and key aspects of responding to risk. We'll also focus on how helping professionals can support themselves when crises arrive, from monitoring for burnout, compassion fatigue, and vicarious trauma to practical strategies we can use both at work and beyond.

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Tuesday 1 December 12noon AEST AIPC Managing Complex Ethical and Boundary Situations

Helping and support work is grounded in ethical principles and values, with the nature of the work and the client base meaning that, at times, ethical and boundary dilemmas will arise. In this webinar, we explore professional values and models of ethical decision making. We also consider common ethical issues and dilemmas, and the strategies helping professionals can utilise to help resolve them.

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Legal Services Commission Law for Community Workers

The Legal Services Commission are providing free webinars as part of the FREE Law for Community Workers Program.  Community workers are key problem-spotters, they can play an important role in assisting their clients to understand and protect their legal rights, and access legal help. Webinar topics are:

  • Your Story Disability Legal Service: Sharing Your Story with the Disability Royal Commission October 21
  • Youth Justice the Legal Basics November 4
  • Legal Responses to Bullying November 18

Webinars are currently scheduled for Wednesdays from 12.30pm to 1.30pm.  For more information visit

For any queries, contact Paula Meegan, Law for Community Workers Program Co-ordinator


Good Shepherd Microfinance

FREE financial coaching training for community sector workers

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A collaborative, solutions-focused, goal-oriented model of building financial capability that goes beyond just giving people financial info.

About this Event

The training is provided over 3 weeks:

Week 1
Zoom Presentation - Thursday 17 September 2020, 10am - 12pm
Week 2
Zoom Presentation - Thursday 24 September 2020, 10am - 12pm
Week 3
Zoom Presentation - Thursday 1 October, 10am - 12pm

If you have any questions, please call Emily on 02 8571 7800 or email

FCA Toolkit Modules through E-Learning System (these Modules can be completed at any time)

Modules include:

  • Australian Financial Code of Ethical Practice
  • Small Business Forum
  • National Tax Clinic Training
  • Telephone Counselling Skills
  • Mental Wellbeing with Beyond Blue
  • Suncorp's New Resilient You Program
  • Australian Financial Counselling Code of Ethical Practice
  • Comprehensive Credit Reporting
  • CPD explainer
  • Debt Collection Module
  • Debt management firms 2018 - Let's not beat around the bush
  • Fourth test
  • National Redress Scheme Implications for Financial Counsellors
  • Peer-to-peer debriefing webinar
  • Working with people with impaired cognitive capacity

*Please contact Steffany Woolford if you require assistance with accessing these Modules from the FCA Toolkit


Thriving Communities Partnership

The TCP Connect Webinars create the opportunity for all members of the TCP community to come together to learn, share and connect with one another as we all strive towards ensuring that everyone in Australia has fair access to the modern essential services they need to thrive in Australia.





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