Written on the 28 May 2020 by SAFCA

SACOSS is developing the #HereForSA campaign to recognise the hard work and build pride in the social services workforce, and in our state in general.

To prepare for a launch we have a simple request. We're asking for you, and as many members of your teams, to send us pics of yourself (or someone you know) who is #hereforSA.

These could be photos of yourself or a teammate with some connection to your organisation brand e.g. wearing your organisation's uniform, branded shirt or standing with your company logo in the background, particularly if you don't wear a uniform.

The photos will be used in a group collage, showing your support for each other and the sector as a whole.

We want to ask you and the members of your teams to send their pictures to  by 29th May so that we can fully launch this within the next few weeks.

We do need the photos to be of decent quality, but most smart phones will do the trick! Our best tip is to ensure the photos are clear and high res (using iphone's portrait mode or similar) and preferably from the waist up so we can see people's smiling faces clearly. Please only send photos with one person in them but send as many of different team members as you like.

We are also on the search for a few people who might be prepared to talk about themselves and their work for several case studies which will become part of the later campaign. 

If you have anyone you think makes a great example we'd be delighted to hear more.

Thanks for being #hereforSA !



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