SAFCA Membership and Supervision

Written on the 2 April 2020 by SAFCA

6. SAFCA Membership and Supervision

SAFCA members are reminded that Financial Counsellors must comply with the National Standards for Membership and Accreditation ("the Standards").

You can read the Standards on the FCA Toolkit.

Professional Development - if working as a Financial Counsellor, 20 PD points per membership year. Details of the number of points available for different activities can be found in the Standards.

Professional Supervision - if working as a Financial Counsellor: Employed 0.5 FTE or more minimum of 10 hours per membership year; or Employed less than 0.5 FTE minimum of 6 hours per membership year.

Role of the Supervisor - Professional supervision supports the work of a Financial Counsellor. The supervision process provides a forum to discuss casework, clinical aspects of the role and the counsellor's emotional and psychological wellbeing.

Complaints - if you have any concerns or complaints about your Professional Supervisor, you have the right to make a complaint, and you can do this by having a confidential discussion with SAFCA.

Membership Renewal - The SAFCA membership year is 1st July to 30th June. Each May, current members will be sent a reminder that their membership renewal and fees are due. Members are expected to send their renewal and membership fees to SAFCA by 31st July each year.

Online Membership Renewal - You will be able to renew your membership online for the first time this year. More details will be sent out in May.

For more details about your membership and the Supervision process, go to the FCA Toolkit, and download the National Standards for Membership and Accreditation



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