Simon Gilbert-Kent updates 2 April 2020

Written on the 2 April 2020 by SAFCA

4. Simon Gilbert-Kent, Maurice Blackburn

Early release of superannuation

The Australian Government has announced that people facing financial stress as a result of
the COVID-19 pandemic will be able to access their superannuation account balance early.
Whilst early access to your super balance provides cash relief in the short term, it is
important to make an informed decision about accessing your retirement savings as there
may be unintended consequences.

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Here to help

Maurice Blackburn is still here to help. Please see Simon Gilbert-Kent's article on how they are delivering services to customers.

We're here to help.

Superannuation legislative changes

There have been recent legislative changes that impact the insurance held by Australian workers through their superannuation accounts. It is important to understand how these changes will impact you now and in the future. Click on the link below to read Simon's article on this topic.

What you should know about the changes to automatic insurance cover.



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