Thriving Communities Partnership

Written on the 17 June 2020 by SAFCA

SAFCA is a member of the SA Chapter of Thriving Communities Partnership (TCP).

What does this mean for Financial counselling and our clients?

The SA Chapter of TCP meets about 4 times a year, and there are regular online forums. Other members of TCP include SA Water, utility companies, banks, community organisations, government and public service representatives. SAFCA's role is to communicate to TCP the effect that government and industry policies have on Financial counselling clients, and to advocate for a better understanding of the needs of our clients. The SA Chapter is very new, starting in 2019. However, we see this partnership as a great way to be able to talk to the people at the top, those who make decisions about their company and department financial hardship policies. SAFCA can inform industry and government leaders about the human impact of their decisions and policies.

The way we do this best is with Case studies. Statistics will give an overall picture, but to deliver a human perspective, there is nothing more powerful than a case study. If you have a client with an issue you would like to share, please send an email to

Members of TCP in SA have started working on a project which will hopefully result in clients only having to tell their story once, instead of calling a number of creditors and having to explain their situation to everyone they speak to.


The Thriving Communities Partnership (TCP) is a cross-sector collaboration with the goal that everybody has fair access to the modern essential services they need to thrive in contemporary Australia: including utilities, financial services, telecommunications and transport. The Thriving Communities Partnership aims to build more resilient communities and stronger businesses.

The case for collaboration

Tackling vulnerability and hardship in the community is not an easy job. Collaboration on research and projects are vital to inform the way we support vulnerable communities and achieve our shared vision.

There is a genuine commitment from a range of organisations that are already supporting vulnerable people. But no matter how good our programs and intentions, working in parallel isn't enough the only way to bring significant change to the root causes of vulnerability and poverty is to work together in new ways.

We need to collaborate across sectors, bringing governments, the community sector and business together on projects that identify and reduce vulnerability, strengthening our community and economy.

To read more, or to listen to a recording of one of the TCP Connect Webinars, go to



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