TIO News 16 March 2021

Written on the 16 March 2021 by SAFCA

Tuesday 16 March 2021

TIO Consumer Panel scrutinises accessibility of telco services

The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman held its third Consumer Panel meeting last Wednesday 3 March 2021. One of the issues high on the agenda was accessibility of telco services. Panel members highlighted examples of consumers facing accessibility issues, such as the unique problems for people who are blind or vision impaired.

The Panel heard that consumers with vision impairment often require extra assistance when troubleshooting modems, as telcos may rely on visual cues such as flashing lights to diagnose problems. Work continues: recognising and responding to family violence inside and out.

When it comes to recognising and responding to family violence, there is always more to do. The TIO is on the same important journey as many organisations and the broader community in understanding the impacts of family violence. Following the December 2020 release of the Systemic Investigation "Meeting the needs of consumers impacted by family violence", work continues at the TIO to understand and respond to family violence within the organisation and the broader community.

Part three in our animation series Ash discovers how to make a complaint with TIO

What do Bob, Ash, Esme, and Wendy have in common? They are the animated ambassadors of a new five-part series on what the TIO does and how it helps resolve phone and internet complaints. Follow Bob, Ash, Esme and Wendy as they learn how to navigate unresolved problems with their telco services and are guided through the TIO complaint process.

Member Services Manager and project Creative Director Shaun Kingma said the animation shows how phone and internet problems can impact everyone.

"Phone and internet problems affect us all, and these problems can be especially difficult to navigate when you have a lot on your plate," Shaun said.

"Our videos show a clear and concise example of the process of making a complaint. They remind everyone that we're here to help."

The TIO will be taking a break over Easter

TIO phone lines will be switched off from Good Friday (2 April 2021) to Easter Monday (5 April 2021). But don't worry, you can always make a complaint online



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