Utilities and Telcos

Written on the 2 April 2020 by SAFCA

1. Utilities and Telcos 

We are hearing from many sources that it is challenging contacting creditors. Some of this is because call centre staff are working from home. In other cases, businesses who have their call centres overseas may have had to shut the call centres down. Industry leaders are asking everyone to be patient, and they are working hard to overcoming the challenges. If you are having specific issues that are not being resolved, please let SAFCA know. We may be able to advocate on behalf of our members.


Telstra sent an email to community colleagues explaining the changes to their call centres. Click here to read their message.

SA Power Networks

SA Power Network's latest Newsletter includes "At SA Power Networks, we are balancing the need to ensure we keep our community and people safe, with the need to help keep the State running."  To read the newsletter, click here.

Energy Partners Newsletter, published by the SA Government. Read more.

This edition includes: 

  • Energy saving.
  • Working from home
  • Home batteries for bushfire rebuilding
  • Community Engagement at Zahra
  • Update on the REES scheme

AGL has issued a statement of Covid-19 Customer Support Program. To read the statement, click here.



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