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Back to school support

Posted by Alex Fry on 18 January 2024
Back to school support

A survey by The Smith Family of 2,200 families supported by the charity found almost 90 per cent were worried about being able to afford the school supplies required for the year. At the start of each school year, right after the festive period and during holidays, families can be expected to sometime spend $100's on school supplies and fees. Here is a compilation of services that can help your clients with back to school expenses in SA and the NT.   

  • The NT Back to School payment scheme has been increased to $200 for 2024. It is redeemable by the end of Term 1, through each child’s school for items such as uniforms, stationery and textbooks, or as credit towards school excursions, camps and tuition fees.
  • TSA MoneyCare recently sent an enewsletter full of tips and tricks for your clients to help them budget for back to school expenses. Read it here.
  • The Smith Family have renewed their Back to School appeal. Your organisation may be able to support the fundraising effort, or use the services to support clients with their children's back to school needs.
  • SA members - does your client have, or is eligible, for the School Card scheme? Click here to find out more.
  • Saver Plus is a financial education program for families and individuals on a tight budget to develop life-long savings habits, and can match up to $500 of savings toward education expenses over 10 months. It won't help from term 1 this year, but can help clients for ongoing years.
  • NT and SA both offer transport subsidies if you have to travel more than 5km - conditions apply.
  • The Australian Government has established the School Student Broadband Initiative (SSBI) to provide free home internet for up to 30,000 unconnected families with school aged students until the end of December, 2025. Read more here about eligability and how to apply.

Do you know of more? Please contact us so we can share it with our members, email alex@safca.org.au


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