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Scam Alert

Posted by SAFCA on 29 May 2024

There is currently a website that has been purchased by a charity called 'Cohesion Matters'. The domain that is being used for this website is an old one for a government-funded project that no longer exists. This now-defunct program was called National Energy Resources Australia (NERA). This website seemingly puts out false information about government and NFP grants for people in financial hardship. This website still seems to be impersonating the now-defunct NERA. https://www.nera.org.au/

If you do a quick Google search of something like 'Vinnies payment' or 'Salvation Army $3,000 grant' this website will appear towards the top of the list. It appears as though AI has written these webpages.

This has been reported to ScamWatch but we wanted to make you aware of the site.  Thanks to The Salvation Army for passing this information on.

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