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Unclaimed Rental Bonds

Posted by Alex Fry on 6 December 2023
Unclaimed Rental Bonds

Sometimes, as tenancies end, the money isn’t claimed back for a variety of reasons.

Consumer and Business Services (CBS) has a streamlined system so you can easily Check Bond Status for any outstanding bond that may be yours. All you need to ‘Search by Tenancy Details’ is the former postcode, street name and tenant surname as well as the year the tenancy commenced.

You can find out more about the claims process at www.cbs.sa.gov.au/unclaimedbonds .

Meantime, CBS is continuing its effort to directly contact known tenants that they believe have unclaimed bonds in their name and encourage them to lodge an application.

Reclaiming a forgotten bond could prove a very useful holiday bonus!
Author:Alex Fry
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