SACOSS Media Release: Connection crisis for struggling households: Telecommunications unaffordable for waged poor

Posted on 12 August 2020
Despite holding down jobs, many families are struggling with the affordability of telecommunications services, according to a report launched today by the South Australian Council of Social Service (SACOSS). The Connectivity Costs II report, funded by the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN), and written in conjunction with the Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS), Tasmanian Council of Social Service (TASCOSS) and the ACT Council of Social Service (ACTCOSS), i...
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SAFCA Submission to AER on proposed Gas prices 2021-2026

Posted by SAFCA on 11 August 2020
SAFCA has made a submission to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) on proposed gas prices in South Australia for the years 2021 2026. AGN is the network distributor of gas in SA and network charges account for approximately 50% of customers' bills.  In the Paper we also make comment on AGN's vulnerable customer strategy which SAFCA and some Financial Counsellors have been involved in developing. SAFCA Submission   ...
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Submission to ASIC Consultation on Cigno Model

Posted by SAFCA on 10 August 2020
  Joint Submission from the Financial Counselling Sector re ASIC Consultation Paper 330 Using the product intervention power: Continuing credit contracts   The financial counselling sector supports ASIC using its product intervention power to impose a total cost cap in relation to the Cigno continuing credit model. This will ensure fees and charges by credit providers and their associated entities cannot exceed the maximum under the continuing credit exemption as set out ...
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FCA Media Release Job Seeker

Posted by SAFCA on 29 June 2020
FCA Media Release Job Seeker
Media Release For immediate release Financial counsellors urge the Federal Government to permanently increase JobSeeker Financial Counselling Australia (FCA) welcomes reported moves to permanently increase the JobSeeker Payment, once the current scheme ends in September. There are news reports today that the Federal Government is considering an increase to the payment of $75 a week, representing an additional $10 a day. "Financial counsellors urge the Federal Government to i...
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Stop the Debt Trap - Hon V A Chapman

Posted by SAFCA on 30 April 2020
Please see below an extract from the House of Assembly Hansard from yesterday: Small Amount Credit Contracts The Hon. V.A. CHAPMAN (BraggDeputy Premier, Attorney-General) (15:25): I rise today to raise an issue regarding the effects on constituents in all our electorates of payday lending and consumer leases, also known as small amount credit contracts. As COVID-19 affects many South Australians' employment and financial affairs, it is expected that the demand for finance will rise....
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