Funeral insurance company slammed by the banking royal commission rebrands with help from former NRL star Jamal Idris

Posted by SAFCA on 9 April 2019
A funeral insurer slammed by the banking royal commission for potentially misleading Indigenous customers has rebranded and enlisted a former NRL star as an ambassador. Jamal Idris, who retired from rugby league in 2017, has been promoting Youpla a rebrand of the Aboriginal Community Benefit Fund (ACBF). At the royal commission, ACBF faced accusations of exploiting the cultural significance of funerals to Aboriginal communities and selling low value products, including to children. In t...
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Government appoints Louise Sylvan to head review of financial counselling services

Posted by SAFCA on 12 March 2019
The Liberal National Government last week announced former ACCC deputy chair, Louise Sylvan AM, will lead its Financial Counselling Services Review. The Government recently announced its intention to hold this review, in response to Commissioner Hayne's observations about the importance of financial counselling services in the Final Report of the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry. "We have commenced this short, sharp R...
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Family Violence Law Help is now live!

Posted by SAFCA on 12 March 2019
Family Violence Law Help ( is a new national website for people wanting to understand domestic and family violence, the law and where to get help. It can be used by people affected by domestic and family violence, educators and frontline workers. Family Violence Law Help has free, easy to understand information about: domestic and family violence family law child protection law Intervention Orders, and where to get help. The website c...
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Energy Australia offers full scholarships to people wishing to study the Diploma Financial Counselling

Posted by SAFCA on 7 March 2019
People aspiring to become financial counsellors can apply for a full scholarship to study the Diploma of Financial Counselling. We thank Energy Australia for this great opportunity.

click on the link below to see more information.

EA ICAN Learn EOI Diploma 2019


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How Lazy Does A Dole Bludger Have To Be For Us To Starve Them?

Posted by SAFCA on 21 January 2019
Source: Language is a funny thing, isn't it? By changing the words of a statement, we can change how we feel, even when we haven't changed the meaning one bit. Take the unemployed. As a society we are always extremely careful to talk about the unemployed in ways that make us feel both comfortable and superior. For example, when we want to force them to do work that nobo...
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